Network Backbone

Because the business information is processed by systems that reside in the technology
infrastructure, the Technology infrastructure is critical to storage, processing and distribution of
information. We provide focused Network Infrastructure Management solutions

Network Back‐End

Accurate data processing requires deployment of various computer servers. Our approach to backend ICT services (servers) provides as stable and continuously available information system. MSUTHU TECHNOLOGIES has a wide range of skills in the management of computer servers. Our technology planning tools and methodologies enable organization to define and structure their computer servers into logical components that drives maximum computing capacity whiles ensuring adequate business continuity and disaster prevention / recovery.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Technology acquisition and provision
  • Technology deployment and configuration
  • Technology maintenance and support
  • Network traffic monitoring, shaping and Reporting
  • Technology environmental assessments and advisory
  • Strategic planning and architecture
  • Server architectural designs
  • Directory Services e.g. MS ADS & NDS
  • Mailing engines e.g. Exchange
  • Anti‐Virus Solutions
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Information Security