MSUTHU TECHNOLOGIES partners with giants in the industry to provide clients with Information
Technology hardware for their computing needs. We offer the foundation for our clients’ technology
infrastructure. Our products consist of Servers; ERP, Storage; Operating / Utility Systems,
Networking Equipment, Network Analysis and Information Security equipment. We provide
acquisition and comprehensive management services across all of these. We have achieved success
in the installation of hardware in the telecommunications industry with Local Area Network (LAN)
integration, the implementation of Storage Area Networks (SAN), Network Management Solutions
with security components. Maintenance and support services are integrated within our solution set.

MSUTHU TECHNOLOGIES’s ICT consulting expertise covers an array of areas, and is rooted in our first hand knowledge gained from serving clients in both government and private sectors. Despite the fact that we are a young company, our consultants have a long history of helping clients to perform better through our creative technology integration and management approach. We combine strategic thinking with sustainable ICT implementations to provide a reliable Information Technology system.